The F.A.C.T. Initiative

Education over Incarceration

F.A.C.T. (Fathers and Children Together) initiative came about out of the hear-aching concern of seeing so many of our young and youthful males being paraded daily down the corridors of the prison, having the knowledge of the staggering probability that many of these young people had no father or positive male presence in their lives. We clearly understand that a father’s responsibility is never absolved because of not being in the household. Therefore, U.C.A.N. and L.A.C.E.O. came up with an approach to reconnect incarcerated fathers back into their children’s lives.

This initiative is designed to motivate and empower incarcerated fathers to assume their natural role as parent, to encourage their sons and daughters to become positive and productive members in their communities, by choosing “Education over Incarceration”. Education will enhance our children’s ability to cultivate Confidence, Strength, Discipline, Humility, and Love.

F.A.C.T. is a fourteen-week comprehensive initiative geared to create or strengthen the relationship between a father and his child. The initiative is divided into sessions of training, visitations and professional therapy. There is a projected two cycles-a-year program. There will be an “aftercare” program in place for the continuous progress for both the welfare of the father and child. Upon completion of the FACT initiative there is a graduation ceremony and certificate presentation for all participates.

U.C.A.N. and L.A.C.E.O. urge every state to implement this initiative in their community. This initiative is not just for incarcerated fathers, but all fathers who are falling short in their duties of fatherhood. If fathers create, build and strengthen the bond of relationship with their child, then it would be much harder for the child to get caught up in the chains of incarceration. Fatherhood is paramount in the life of a child.

If you have a child or children whose father and/or grandfather is incarcerated at Graterford prison, and you would like for them to participate in our F.A.C.T. initiative or if you would like to support this effort to save our babies, please contact us.

As of to date, Creating A Village (C.A.V.) and Fathers and Children Together (F.A.C.T.) call out has been empowering the community as a whole to get involved in young people’s lives. Here are some of what we have done:

  • Return of the Missing Men: For too long, men have been absent from the household for a number of reasons; incarcerated, substance abuse issues or not living up to their responsibilities as men. on drugs, selling drugs or just being irresponsible as a man. It’s time to man up and be the father. Husband, son, person God called us to be.
  • A clearer view from behind bars: Letting the people know just how it is inside jail. Your decision-making is gone. You have to do what you’re told and when you can do it. 1,500 people, most of the young men came to Community College of Philadelphia on M.L.K. day to hear the message. The message was received by those in attendance as positive.
  • This is our call out now to you: The time has come for us as a people to start holding each other accountable for the next man’s actions when it come to violence in the communities that we share. I have lost two nephews to gun violence but this was the seed that I sowed throughout the community.