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Statistics You Should Know

  • 2.5 million children in the U.S. have a father in prison. (U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families/Office of Family Assistance, 2008)
  • 30,000 children in the City of Philadelphia have an incarcerated parent or parents.
  • Children who have an incarcerated parent or parents are 7 times more likely to end up in prison themselves. (Justice & Mercy; National Conference of State Legislatures)
  • Half of black male students do not complete high school in 4 years. (Pew Research Center)
  • High School dropouts are 8 times more likely to be incarcerated than those who graduate. (Pew Research Center)
  • As of 1992, 60% of children age 13-18 had seen a shooting, 45% had seen a stabbing and 43% has seen a murder. (Carl Bell, M.D. Surveys and Findings among inner-city children)
  • 70% of juveniles incarcerated in State reform institutions are from homes with no father or without natural parents. (U. S. Dept. of Justice, Special Report, Sept. 1988)
  • 85% of all children that exhibit behavioral disorders are from fatherless homes. (Center for Disease Control)
  • 75% of homicide perpetrators come from single parent homes. (Press Enterprise, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, Feb. 12, 1997)
  • Young men who grow up in homes without fathers are twice as likely to end up in jail as those who come from traditional two-parent families… those boys whose fathers were absent from the household had double the odds of being incarcerated, even when other factors such as: race, income, parent education and urban residence were held constant. (Reuters News, August 20, 1998, Researchers: Cynthia Haper, University of Penna., and Sara S. McLanahan, Princeton, University)
  • Blacks comprise 10% of the State’s population but 50% of the prison population.
  • Half of Black children in 4 th grade cannot read at 4 th grade level.
  • Half of Black children in 8 th grade cannot do math at 8 th grade level.
  • 1 in 11 African-Americans are in jail.
  • 70% of inmates dropped out of school.
  • 40% of all children do not live with their natural father and the number is growing. Research repeatedly indicates that father neglect is the most significant factor towards delinquency and crime. (Fatherless America, David Blankenhorn, 1995)
  • Every day, more than 500,000 fathers are in prison. (Bureau of Justice Statistics Special Report, 2008; National Conference of State Legislatures; Children of Incarcerated Parents, 2009)
  • The majority of the perpetrators of crimes have a father in prison. 19% of fathers in State Prison have experienced their father being incarcerated; 6% have experienced a mother being incarcerated; 49% of fathers in State Prison reported that a member of their family (parent, sibling or spouse) has ever been incarcerated. (Bureau of Justice Statistics Special Report, 2008)
  • The majority of men in prison suffer from depression and trauma due to the lack of contact with their children.
  • The culture of crime is continuously recycled from generation to generation. (Bureau of Justice Statistics Special Report, 2008: U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Incarceration and the Family, 2008; NAACP, Misplaced Priorities; Over Incarcerate, Under Educate)
  • The socio-cultural orientation of family systems theory recognizes that the family system is a subsystem of the community, the community is a subsystem of the society of the national culture, and the culture of humanity. All these interrelate; each set the emotional, rational, relational and moral tone for all others because all are interdependent and change in any one affects the whole. (Pastoral Counseling Across Cultures, pgs. 179-180, 1986)
  • Both boys and girls in their earlier years were under the training of their mother. The daughters remained so until their marriage. At the age of five years old, the boys were trained by their fathers. (Unger’s Bible Dictionary, pg 224; Smith Bible Dictionary, pg. 115)
  • Philadelphia Recidivism Rate is 72%. (Philadelphia Tribune, Sunday, June 28, 2009, “Spend to Build New Lives, Not New Prisons”)
  • 1 of 3 Black men can expect to go to prison.
  • The number of children not reading at a 4 th grade level at the end of 4 th grade determines the number of jail cells built.
  • 12,000 students skip schools daily.
  • 25 city schools are labeled persistently dangerous.
  • High school dropouts are 8 times more likely to be incarcerated.